Mindfulness Made it Easy!!!


The term ‘mindfulness’ relates to a variety of meditative practices involving the deliberate focus of our attention, non-judgmentally, and teaches us to stay in the present moment, rather than reliving the past or pre-living the future

Mindfulness can be made as easy as we are on autopilot in morning to brush our teeth or type a text, or making tea… We can do in sleep or without paying 100% attention.

In Mindful practices we are going to re do them to see what we sense , feel, touch, see, smell. Like eating an Orange with all 5 senses etc.. All it requires is practice and patience. When mindful awareness is brought to a stressful experience, it allows the possibility of setting aside habitual reactive tendencies, and instead responding to the challenging experience with more clarity and ease. The practice of mindfulness can also bring an increased awareness of the joyful moments of our lives, moments that we often miss when we are lost in thoughts about the past or the future

I am one of them who can't bring in new habit if some says its takes about 30 min daily practice to be the expert. But on other hand someone says it’s as simple few sec in broken in 24hrs I am ready to take it on. Weather its Reiki or meditation. Well our lives are complex already and why make it much harder by changing big shifts and more juggles. I will be covering how to make these mindful habits as part of daily habits even without our awareness. And when you look back by 10 weeks you have a stepping stones to a milestone of transformation. This transformation could be for being calm, stress free, relaxed person, improvements in health, loose weight or gain control on addictions. Could be any aspects we are going through. If you are like me then yes this Mindfulness evening classes will be perfect.

Studies have shown that continuous practice in mindfulness can result in

"You will now have a toolkit to improve your life dramatically”

“It’s about taking a break from our heads and really starting to live.”

Topics we will be covering in one day workshop are:

Topics we will be covering in 10 weeks workshop are:

Price for one day workshop is € 100

Cancellation Policy

Although unavoidable at times, clients are asked to give as much notice as possible for any appointment cancellations. In the event of a cancellation the following fees may be charged:

More than 24 hours notice, no fee.

Less than 24 hours incurs a 75% charge.

Less than 24 hours cancellation/re-schedule on deal's Vouchers incurs the full fee.

No notice of the cancellation incurs the full fee.

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