Each of us has a story and each story has a start, middle, and end. We know how we arrive in this world and how we are to leave it, but it is the middle segment which varies for each one of us and truly defines our lives. Each of us has a story and each story has a start, middle, and end. We know how we arrive in this world and how we are to leave it, but it is the middle segment which varies for each one of us and truly defines our lives.

But in our busy routine-driven days, it has become impossible to pay attention to ourselves and our mind. We tend to simply absorb everyone elses thoughts and beliefs and make them our own. This often leads to a state of utter discontentment and we wonder why, despite having everything we need, we feel the urge to run away.

Connect to Your Inner Guide outlines a step-by-step inside-out approach in establishing communication with our inner guide, seeking its advice, and following its guidance. In developing a relationship with our inner guide, we arrive at a sense of belonging that infuses us with the unlimited wisdom, creative vision, and self-confidence that we require to achieve our dreams and the ultimate mission in life.

In this book, the author shares the seven sutras for the journey of awakening that she personally experienced. She offers practices and perspectives that you can use, starting right now, to live a life of purpose, fulfilment, and joy. The book is designed to be used flexibly, with chapters that you can choose to read individually or continuously through to the end. It is intended to fit into your fast-paced life and promises to bring about a positive change.

This book is for anyone looking for some faith, hope, and reassurance

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Praise for Connect to your Inner Guidance

James Van Praagh, Best Selling Author, The Power of Love

"Srimanju has woven her spiritual traditions, life experiences, and soul's knowing into a beautiful book. She blends ancient philosophy, her personal journey, and practical exercises to lovingly guide the reader along the path of spiritual development."

Stewart Pearce, Legendary Sound Healer, Master of Voice & angel Whisperer.

Connection is the watchword of our present times, as we move beyond the outer cover of our secular lives, into the inner terrain of the Soul. In her book CONNECTING WITH YOUR INNER GUIDES, Srimanju expertly takes us to a further more implicit stage, whereby we are lifted into the world of faith and devotion. For her book beautifully nourishes the spirit that navigates this unseen world, evoking magic and miracles.

Dr. Mary Helen Hensley, Author of Promised By Heaven

"Connect To Your Inner Guide" offers the opportunity to get up close and personal with your own GPS. Personal yet applicable to everyone, this step by step approach to listening to the voice within, is the guide book to a thriving life experience that so many have been waiting for. For those who facilitate healing in the lives of their clients, or those who are making the journey on their own, this is sure to become a must have manual for the tool box.

Heidi Sawyer, Bestselling author of Highly Intuitive People

"Srimanju has articulated beautifully how we can connect to inner guidance. She also shares her experience to highlight how it is an intuitive feeling within all of us. She provides tools in the book that are very practical and can be used by anyone. Srimanju uses a strong positive energy in the book that we all need and I recommend this to anyone who is looking for that guidance."

Rebecca Campbell, bestselling author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise

'Connect to Your Inner Guide by Srimanju Katragadda is a grounded light filled journey that takes you by the hand and shows you how to connect with your inner guide so that you can live a soul led life'.

Aidan Storey, Author of Angels of Divine Light.

This book is a must read for all those seeking their true soul purpose. A wonderful uplifting spiritual awakening. Easy to read and follow.

Becky Walsh author and TV and Radio presenter.

Full of personality and easy to understand. Srimanju has written a definitive book on self awareness. It is incredibly thorough. She has done a lot of research which has clearly been an inner and outer journey. I'm really impressed by the love and care she has poured into every page.

Andrea Gardner, Author of Change Your Words, Change Your World

"A wise, generous and uplifting reminder that when we connect with our inner guide we can rely on a loving companion for our lifelong journey. Srimanju's natural warmth, wonder and practicality glow from every page and her book has already become my trusted friend."

Charlotte Reed, author and illustrator of May The Thoughts Be With You

"An insightful and empowering book which I really enjoyed. Srimanju really examines how to connect with your inner-guide in her step by step method. This book is for anyone wanting to learn how to listen to the quiet but wise whisper of their intuition,'