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June 28, 2016

How to spiritually deal with Anger

Recently in a workshop I was being asked by couple of my students ‘how do I let go my Anger, in this time and age how can one possible not become angry at a situation or person or ...
April 21, 2016

Finding Calmer Mind in Our Selves

Finally, the long waited spring is here!! I hope you all are making the most. I love change in seasons the most as I notice lot of things around like flowers blossoming, Dandelions all over the grass long evening, sunrise, sunset, beautiful ...
March 01, 2016

12 ways to make a productive day

12 ways to make a productive day   Start with small and important tasks. Classify your tasks with To do list, Must do list and like to do list. It helps in breakdown on the priority. Write the ...
February 11, 2016

Celebrating you

Today is a special day celebrated all over the world as valentine’s day. It’s great to see one day dedicated for love. Love is everything and love is my religion. We are all living in a busy life ...
December 01, 2015

Now = No Past + No Future

65,000 thoughts a day is what an average human has in just 24hrs. Could you imagine how busy we are keeping our brains. People talk all the time on going on a diet, detox, cleanse, inside out etc.. ...
September 08, 2015

Healing Through Art- Inner journey

Healing through Art I have always been artistic as a child. I remember I have used art as stress relieving even as young as 9yrs. I would usually hide under the bed or close the door and do ...
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