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September 07, 2015

Life is Outside the Box

We all grew up with the conditions from family, society, community and always tried to fit in the lines. But never were in the line or able to be in the line. The curiosity only grew bigger and ...
September 03, 2015

14 years of Journey

​Wow, I completed 14 yrs of my life in Ireland today. The country that I came to from India just with a bag and my husband whom I married just 24 days prior. He was residing here. I ...
July 09, 2015

Sometimes, healing could be just a reassurance that there is someone there; Watching, supporting, showering us with Unconditional Love.

Healing on a spiritual level, sometimes just takes a reminder from our angels. We are being watched over and loved in a glorious way Sometimes when we are at low moment a sign from heaven is just reassuring ...
July 09, 2015

Being at peace comes from within.

Being at peace comes from within. We are often surrounded by so much expectations from others and ourselves, that we miss that peace within us and start hunting outside of us for it. Step by step, slow down ...
July 09, 2015

Make the most with what you have rather worry for what you don't have now

Don’t we all spend our life time in thinking of future or past? Well our life goes on with worrying about the things that we don’t have or what we don’t know and then miss the PRESENT moment. ...
June 01, 2015

Tips : Clear Your Space with Reiki and Angels

Clear Your Space with Reiki is my favourite subject in Reiki Workshops. Below I am sharing few tips. In time, our home, workspace, cars  may acquire some lower vibration energies. And if you are offering therapies from home ...
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